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Wonders Of Haiti

Celebrating Haitian Heritage Month

From May 1 - May 31

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The phrase "Haiti, The Pearl Of The Antilles" has been used to depict Haiti's natural splendor, cultural opulence, and historical significance as the mother of democracy and freedom for all people. Furthermore, Haiti's historical legacy extends beyond its borders and has enriched Latin America and the world's heritage through its export of democracy and support for other nations that yearned for freedom for their people. Prominent artists and renowned writers have found inspiration in Haitian art and culture , and they have made significant contributions to the advancement of Caribbean and Latin American literature.

We honor the courage and determination of those who came before us and those who continue to carry on the legacy of our beautiful island . Come and experience the splendor of our culture, the resilience of our community as we showcase the richness of our traditions and the warmth of our hospitality.


My name is Claudia Apaid

I am a Haitian American artist who graduated from Miami International University of Art & Design. My designs are inspired by my works of service, spirituality and nature. I interweave a variety of mixed media creations in handmade embroideries and metal works, often alongside artisans from around the globe.

I use hand-stitched embroidery and techniques with sequins, crystals, glass beads, precious stones, and metal to create my unique vibrational pieces that are charged with Reiki energy while handcrafted with precise attention to detail, complex patterns and cellular structures, both of which represent the universe. They are weaved in a way that creates a personal connection to all matter. With a focus of the repetitions and patterns found in nature and the spiritual worlds, I explore and document the very nature of life itself and our relationship with it.

I have displayed my work in exhibits not only throughout the U.S but internationally and have been featured in various publications and recently was awarded by The City of Miami for my "artistic contributions to the city".


I am Isaie Zeek Mathias

zeek headshot.jpeg

I am the founder of Juicing With Art, and am a contemporary artist who skillfully uses art to instill hope, enlighten, and inspire. I expose the injustice, exclusion, marginalization, and dehumanization of indigenous peoples around the world. My passion for culture has fueled my desire to change the narrative of how Haiti is depicted throughout the world.


My philosophy is simple yet profound: "I never understand the concept of think outside of the box because, for me, the box never existed." Appreciation for life, nature, and humanistic approaches to culture is evident throughout my thought-provoking exhibitions, including "Sound The Tanbou," "Counter Valence-Images of a Beautiful Island," "The Gods are Watching in Silence," "Changing the Carbon Footprint: the spirit of Ubuntu," and the University of Kansas' courses in Caribbean Culture and the Diaspora. These exhibitions showcase my unique perspective for capturing raw, unparalleled images and the beauty of the world we live in.

My artistic talent is not limited to photography, I also produced and directed the short film, "I Love You in My Silence". Despite my remarkable skills and numerous accolades, including a Congressional Certificate and multiple proclamations, I remain humble and dedicated to my craft and believe that every cultural experience is priceless and leads to personal growth. Through art, I encourage others to appreciate and celebrate the diversity of our world.


My name is Turgo Bastien

I was born in Haiti, grew up in Haiti, and my brain, heart and spirit are mapped and hard-wired to the culture of Haiti. Overlaid is my life in the diaspora and my travels which also influence that which I see and express in my work.

I belong to that generation of artists who arrived in South Florida in the 1980s and who had already established themselves in their countries. However, my experience in the U.S. led me in a direction entirely different from my contemporaries. My singular approach to metaphor and the conscious look for new direction and language which could inscribe my identity in a contemporary expression.

My paintings derive from the rhythmical space, filling patterns of the mask and the multidimensional state of mind of those from my background. My pictures are not mere patterns but images and their forms whether painted or sculpted, invest the surface with mysterious life. The outcome of my sight is heightened awareness that what we have in common is indeed far greater than what divides us.


I am Alix Gauchier

I was born on March 18th, 1963 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At the age of 16, I discovered my vocation of art and photography, and started painting. After high school I moved to Florida to attend college and received a Bachelor of Arts in Interior  Design from the International Fine Art College of Miami. After graduation, I specialized in commercial retail design and am still active in the interior design field. I have a deep passion for painting and art in general. Like most artists, I am very emotionally attached to my artwork, and often find it difficult to let go of finished pieces.

After many years of living in the States, I developed a curiosity for my own culture and history (Haiti), and I try to express that in my latest works. I believe most paintings need to be framed to reflect the true meaning, character and dimension of the artwork. With my curiosity for the Haitian culture, I believe art is a reflection of visible and invisible things and the powers around us. My love for the instrument “tambour” (drum) is reflected in most of my latest paintings. For me, the tambour is a very powerful and ethereal instrument that can put us in another spiritual dimension and I use it as a symbol of a spiritual being.






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